Let’s extend the conversation about poverty, disasters, and housing.

We’re confident you have some great ideas about what makes our mission special or you have a great idea about how we can enlarge the circle of volunteers.  Whatever your reason (as long as it has to do with Shelter The World) please open a  topic or comment on an existing one.

Remember this is a “safe” site and no vulgar, hateful, or off color comments will be tolerated. We maintain the right to delete any post that we feel is not “safe” and ban any user who violates these simple rules.

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    • Shelter The World – Tell Us What Forums to Open
      This forum is to hold a list of what you believe is important to be an outstanding ministry.  Every suggestion should focus on delivering solutions to families in need of adequate housing.  We're looking to discuss the best ideas to raise awareness, mobilize people, solicit donations, build a virtual trades library, and more.  Here is where you weigh in on ideas that help us reach one more family in need or share a tweet idea that can bring in more virtual volunteers!
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    • 10 months ago

      HaroldHek HaroldHek

    • Shelter The World – We need SEO and Website help
      We're looking for the talented folks who really know SEO and Wordpress and want to use that skill to help chance the world.  We're seeking SEO and Wordpress volunteers who can make the website sing to the likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing.  We know SEO and website development/maintenance is a lot of work and look forward to your help to truly impact the world.
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    • Shelter The World Photography
      Photographs can surprise and amaze as well as shock us and make us wonder why things are the way they are.  One thing for certain, people everywhere can understand images of people suffering whether in poverty or affected by a disaster.  We see a link between images and the work we do so if you would like to contribute photographic content to our site then please let us  know.  
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    • Shelter The World Real Estate Forum
      This forum is created to have open discussions about connecting Real Estate professionals to Shelter The World.  Fact is, everyone buying or selling a home can relate to people living in crisis because they  do not have a home.  Therefore we're asking Real Estate professionals (brokers, agents, loan processing companies, etc) to sponsor us and share what we are doing with their clients'.  We must get the word out and this is a great way to do just that.
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    • Virtual Volunteer Forum
      This forum is for discussing everything Virtual Volunteer Activity related.  Share what you have done or what you would like to see.  Give feedback as to what we could do better as it related to Virtual Volunteers.
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    • 5,133
    • 1 year, 8 months ago


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