People in Poverty

make up 1/5th of all humanity.  They often are without housing and our efforts can help a family for generations.  Let’s do this together.

Poverty in Hungary – An Impossible Life

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Poverty in Hungary ~ This is MY House | Hungary

This is MY House is an initiative of Shelter The World that presents the voices of people living in poverty.  It’s purpose is to raise awareness about how people live across the globe.  We welcome your contribution and discussion and have provided links at the end of this article where you can comment or submit your own article.

A personal ...


Poor People Living in Poverty – Extreme Housing Conditions

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Poor People Living in Poverty constantly struggle to maintain a home.

poor people living in poverty

We’re not talking about maintaining a home like general repairs; we’re talking about the struggle to simply find an adequate place to stay.  Our experiences at Shelter the World has taken us into some distant corners of the globe.  At each place we are keenly interested in learning about poor people living in poverty and their homes.

For poor people living ...


Global problem with low cost housing persists

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low cost housing complex in Kenya

The global problem with low cost housing persists

 Recently we came across an article that exemplifies the notion that we are making headway in the fight to make available low cost housing.  The article, published by Nation Media Group in Kenya presented words by the Housing Minister and others regarding low cost housing.

Low cost ...

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