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Nobody knows the importance of a home more than Real Estate professionals!

Are you a real estate professional or are you involved in the purchase or sale of homes in any way? If so, we would like to introduce you to Shelter The World and ask if we can work together to change people lives.

Suzan and I are asking people involved in Real Estate to help Shelter The World for a very simple reason; the people you interact with every day (your brokers, clients, and colleagues) are all about homes. You understand that it’s more than just a house that is being bought or sold, it is indeed a HOME.

Asi que, we are asking you to help “Albergará el Mundial” with us by becoming a sponsor, AND informing your broker, clients, and colleagues about Shelter the World and asking them to contribute as well.

Anna’s Home and more just like her! As a matter of fact, over 1.5 billion people are like herThat’s about 5 times the number of people living in the United States.

If you have never seen poverty housing (I meanrealpoverty housing) then let me take you on a short but incredible journey. A journey that became one of my all-time favorites not because of where I was (which is pretty incredible too) but for a young lady named Anna. Let’s start the journey inside of Anna’s home. As a real estate professional, I know you have been in MANY homes before but I would imagine very few of you have been in a home like this.

the dump - slum house kitchen


We’ll begin by stepping into Anna’s kitchen. Like all kitchens, the usual utilities are there, electric lights, a stove, countertops, running water. You get the idea. Oh, wait, these things are not here, As it turns out her kitchen is nothing more than an old table top and a small fire in the corner.

As a matter of fact, this beautiful house’s listing would read something like this:

A small rural charmer with a partial kitchen and dirt floor, one bedroom for the entire family, no plumbing, no electricity, no family room, no entertainment center, no bathroom, no running water.

Yet, I called this experience incredible!

Do you know why this is so incredible? I am actually in her house! I am in one of the most despicable places on earth (more on that in just a moment) and yet Anna did what many of us do, we invite friends into our home! She was delighted that I accepted her invitation because, as you can already guess, not too many people visit Anna and her familyor her neighbors.

Want to know why?

Because this house, Anna’s house is in the CITY DUMP of a developing country’s Capitol city with a population of over one million people.


Sabías, just three hundred dollars would be able to provide Anna and her family with a healthy home?

Meet Anna and some of her neighbors. Anna is the one wearing the black top.

annas house and some neighbors

Also, meet Anna’s neighbors, see her neighborhood, check out where the kids are helping the family. All pretty heart breaking.

neighborhood in the city dump
chica que trabaja en el vertedero

Ahora, Just for a moment, imagine, if this is YOUR WORLD and you are asked to buy or sell this house. Could you? Would you?

Will you consider joining a program where a portion of every house sale is set aside to help families living in desperate situations? We need your help and together we can impact the world with life-changing projects for people living in poverty.

Annas house bedroom

Please complete the form below and Rich or Suzan will call you to discuss what we need and how you may be able to help. Gracias.


Make Albergar el Mundial your official charity. We will work with you to provide literature, links to our site, and more.

There is nothing too complicated about the process; simply ask your clients to contribute or if you are a buyer or seller ask your agent or broker to participate and contribute.

Every donation goes to further combat poverty housing by training people how to CONSTRUIR out of poverty.


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