Thank you for becoming a Shelter The World Sponsor.  Being a sponsor means we can direct more of our fundraising income directly to our mission and reduce the amount going to things like administration and overhead.  



We are certain your time with us will be rewarding and fulfilling.

Helping families in extreme poverty is very important to us and requires a lot of people to make an impact. Be assured, what feels small to you and me will mean the world to a family who has next to nothing.

As a sponsor, we want to provide you with the material you need to share what you are doing with Shelter The World.  If you are a real estate sponsor we want to equip you with a few extra tools you can use to share our mission with your clients.

After we gather some necessary information from you, we will then be able to create business cards, fliers and other material individualized and tailored to your needs. You can expect a call from us within the next day or two.

We will be in touch shortly.

Be well and be blessed,

Rich & Suzan