Turkey? Stuck out in the Cold

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Turkey and over 500,000 exposed to the cold.

Not too many days ago we celebrated Thanksgiving.  At the same time I learned over 500,000 people are exposed to cold temperatures in Eastern Turkey. 

Cold and exposed in Turkey

I have clear memories of being wet and cold in January in Ohio. 

The kind of cold that is bone chilling and cuts right through you.  What I can not imagine though is living with that kind of cold day after day.  Quite frankly nobody can and the fact exists that many of these people will perish due to exposure to the elements over the next few months. 

What seems to occupy my mind today however is a matter of the heart.  Too often I catch myself siting back in my home and simply forgetting about the rest of the world.  I concern myself with matters that seem important and forget that we live in a world that suffers in ways we can hardly imagine.  I know first hand that many of my trials are real; whether battling illness or injury, family crisis, or financial burdens, sometimes life just seems tough.  Now imagine for a moment that in an instant your life should take a turn and include overcoming a disaster of the magnitude of the earthquake in Turkey

Here is where I need to pause and give thanks.  I may have my struggles but I have a roof over my head.  I have a home that keeps be warm and comfortable.  I take stock of everything I have going on and I imagine what it must be like to be so cold there is no relief from the 20 degree weather.  I imagine being cold for days without end.  Hands frozen, chilled through and through, hardly able to think.  I consider the very real prospect that members of my family, me included, are going to perish in the next 120 days.  It is at times like this that I become very thankful for the home I have.

To put the situation in Turkey into perspective consider this:  think how very different life would be if by next spring all of Fort Worth, Texas was gone. No inhabitants…nobody left.  Unimaginable! 

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Cold and exposed in the Turkey Earthquake.

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