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Did you know that the world needs to build a city to accommodate 5 million inhabitants EVERY WEEK?. This includes houses, schools, places of worship and fire, police, roads, bridges

How bad is the world’s shelter problem?

Catastrophic. At this very moment, 1 মধ্যে 5 people in this বিশ্ব don’t have adequate আশ্রয়. Within the 5 minutes you spend looking at this site, 300 people will join the ranks. By tomorrow, 86,000 will be houseless.

Why are so many without a home?

Sometimes it’s due to an earthquake, tsunami or other natural disaster. Some are displaced due to war and civil unrest while others are born in slums with little hope for change. It has many causes, but one effect. Being houseless equals being hopeless.

Are the slums really that bad? What are the effects to the residents?

Whether the cause is man made or natural, the effects are staggering. Each year tens of thousands die of heatstroke, dehydration and exposure to the elements due to lack of আশ্রয়. Hundreds of millions more do the best they can, using unsuitable materials that rot, leak, lack proper ventilation and offer no protection from heat or cold. These makeshift shanties put them at increased risk of malaria, emphysema and other severe illnesses. Some shelters require large amounts of wood to be collected and burned for heating and cooking, putting women and children at risk for sexual assault while out scouting for timber.

How can a simple shelter change lives when the residents are still living in poverty?

In addition to the physical benefits of shelter, it also gives families a sense of well being and ownership. Stable homes increase opportunities to generate income and focus on education, stop endless construction, and lower fuel consumption. হাঁ, shelters truly do change lives.

Why isn’t the world meeting this need?

We believe the answer is simple: The harvest is many but the laborers are few. Very few have provided a way to produce an affordable, capable, long lasting shelter that is socially acceptable. The low cost options, like tents, are temporary. The long lasting options, like brick houses, take 30 40 days and cost much more to নির্মাণ করা.

How does SHELTER THE WORLD meet this need?

The solution is to teach people how to নির্মাণ করা better houses: Houses that are EASY to construct using low skilled workers so that entire villages can be housed quickly.

সুতরাং, can I purchase a shelter or house for a charity or church group to build?

Absolutely. আমরা টাকা ব্যবহার করা হবে না শুধুমাত্র ঘর নির্মাণ করতে কিন্তু ভালো তাদের দক্ষতা তারা তাদের নিজস্ব জীবনযাপনের উন্নতি প্রয়োজন অধ্যাপনা দ্বারা মানুষ সজ্জিত.

তুমি কি দেশ সাহায্য করছেন?

আমরা সব সম্পর্ক আছে বিশ্ব এবং আমরা যা করতে পারেন হিসাবে অনেক মানুষের সাথে হতে হবে. When you get involved with Shelter the World you help us reach even more.

এই একটি দাতব্য প্রতিষ্ঠান বা অ- লাভ?

হ্যাঁ, আশ্রয় পৃথিবী একটি দাতব্য অলাভজনক প্রতিষ্ঠান. Our mission is to inform the world about true living conditions for the majority of people and to assist in home building projects whenever possible. We are a cooperative ministry in affiliation with Hope For The Hungry.


HFTH logoWhat is EFCA?

Accountability is very important to us. EFCA is the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and ECFA is committed to helping Christ-centered organizations earn the public’s trust through developing and maintaining standards of accountability that convey God-honoring ethical practices.


আশা করি EFCA ব্যাজ

আপনি আসলে ঘরবাড়ি নির্মান করছ?

হাঁ, কখনও কখনও তবে সব সময় নয়. কিছু দৃষ্টান্ত, আমরা ভবন দক্ষতা ও মেন্টরিং পাশাপাশি শিক্ষা দিচ্ছে.

কে এই সব পেছনে?

প্রজা দম্পতি হয় Rich and Suzan Grabowski. They started this journey in 2005 with a purpose to pursue and a problem to solve.


এই মুহূর্তে এখানে সাহায্য করার জন্য কিছু মহান এবং সহজ উপায় আছে.

এই মুহূর্তে এখানে সাহায্য করার জন্য কিছু মহান এবং সহজ উপায় আছে.

আমাদের ব্যয় বহন

আমাদের ব্যয় বহন! সেখানে কাজ করতে হবে অনেক.

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দান করুন ইট

একটি প্রকল্প তহবিল সাহায্য করার জন্য একটি সহজ এবং সহজ উপায়.

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