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Shelter The World’s programs include teaching the basic skills necessary for men, নারী, and families to construct improved shelter and housing. This improved housing has generational impacts on family economics, health, এবং শিক্ষা. Men must provide and leaders must create an environment where every day men can thrive. We come along side these men and families in poverty and demonstrate how they can improve and grow by buildng builders. Builders of faith, and builders of houses.


It is a privilege to beable todo what we do for families and children living in poverty. Being a mom adds a level of appreciation for the moms and children that are without a clean, warm place to call home. My blessing make me want to do more and we need your help to do that. Thank you for caring enough to check out our website.

When asked why we do what we do, we simply ask back; Can You Imagine Life With No Shelter?

এই মুহূর্তে এখানে সাহায্য করার জন্য কিছু মহান এবং সহজ উপায় আছে.

এই মুহূর্তে এখানে সাহায্য করার জন্য কিছু মহান এবং সহজ উপায় আছে.

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আমাদের ব্যয় বহন! সেখানে কাজ করতে হবে অনেক.

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একটি প্রকল্প তহবিল সাহায্য করার জন্য একটি সহজ এবং সহজ উপায়.

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We also know that when just one new house is built or an old one improved, that one family, is changed for generations.

Our purpose in life is to shelter God's creation...

But we also know that when just one new house is built or an old one improved, that that one family is changed for generations.The whole point, to us is that inadequate living conditions can be changed for the better for some families because we chose to do somethingone thing, maybe small, but teach one family to break the cycle of দারিদ্র্য by building houses: for themselves, for their neighbors. If we turn our attention to people trapped in poverty we can begin to sense how deep and desperate the situation is. It is for these who do not have that we became involved. দেখা হবে, a house can have a profound impact on a person, একটি পরিবার, সম্প্রদায়ের, ও দেশে. In fact housing can reduce disease, শিক্ষা উন্নত, একটি আয়, নারী ও শিশু রক্ষা, এবং সম্পর্ক এবং সম্প্রদায় নির্মাণ. We believe that it is us (আপনি, আমাকে, আমরা) একসঙ্গে কাজ যারা দক্ষতা ও ঘরবাড়ি কে না দারিদ্র্যসীমার নীচে বসবাসকারী মানুষের উপর সর্বাধিক প্রভাব থাকবে প্রদান…প্রজন্মের.

যিশাইয়র পুস্তকে 58:7খ & 12, আমাদেরকে বলে যে এটি "আমাদের দায়িত্বআশ্রয় দিয়ে দরিদ্র ভ্রমণকারী প্রদান … আপনি যদি ভাঙ্গা দেয়ালের মেরামতকারী ডাকা হবে, নিবাসে সঙ্গে রাস্তায় পুনরূদ্ধারকারক ". We’ve claimed these versus and they have a special place in our hearts.

Won’t you consider joining us in this noble cause. A cause and purpose that has immediate and long lasting results.

Children in Need of a Home

Going to Honduras to give a house to these children in need living next to and working in the dump near the capital city.

দারিদ্র্য শিশুদেরWhen I first encountered this place I was taken back by the children in need of the most basic and fundamental things in life.

Every once in a while we find ourselves in some very unlikely places. A few years age we were sitting with the Director of FEMA here in the states. We were having an important meeting regarding disaster responses and shelter needs. Well in July 2011 I found myself back in another interesting place. This one was far removed from the plush offices of Washington DC. This time I was in a city dump, in a third world country.

It is no accident that I found myself there. The team at IADDIC আশ্রয়ের have been working for a long time to get shelters up in some of the most remote and most challenging locations imaginable. When the team arrived in Honduras we were aware that a large numbers of families were living on the dump but frankly it is a little hard to imagine what that means until you actually encounter it first hand.

আমরা জানি না হিসাবে যে ডাম্প বাস করত পরিবারের আমরা তাদের বাড়িতে আমন্ত্রণ জানানো হয়েছিল এবং "চারপাশে তাকান" করার অনুমতি দেওয়া হয় এবং take pictures. Our job was going to be to select a family or two to be the recipients of the IADDIC iHouse. It didn’t take is long to realize that we had a problem. There were more families and children in need of a house and home then we could offer to build.

The solution however was close at hand. We selected the first two families to be a recipient of a new home. And from that point on we did not discuss why we were there with any of the others in the community of over 100 families.

Buts lets get back to those children in need. They have needs that surpass anything most of us could understand. The issues are many and real: health, nourishment, nutrition, clothing, simple hygiene, sleeping accommodations, education…

And these children are one of the main motivations behind the work at Shelter The World. We can not end poverty nor are we trying to but we know we can change the trajectory of a child’s life significantly by making low cost homes available to them as often as we can. One child in need who spends one less day out of the rain, who sleeps just a little better at night, who has a place to read one more page is one child we were glad humbled and delighted to help. We may not be able to overcome the huge burdens of poverty but we surely can affect the lives of many.

And for those of us who are parents; you can relate to the pangs in your heart and soul when your child is not well. So to with the parents of these children. They are different in only one way. They have no way of caring for the child but for supplying the basics. Many do not believe that they could ever get a new home for their family. Yet when it happens most are undoubtedly thankful to God and to the providers for they know their life has changed forever and so has the life of the childen in need.

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