Shelter The World ~ Selected to be presented in Museum of the Bible


We have little news to share with you as we cross the 1/2 way mark of 2016.

A short time ago, Shelter The World was contacted by a representative of the Museum of the Bible and asked if we would be interested in being presented in one of the exhibit areas when the Museum opens.

The museum is an exciting project that is backed by some very respectable people. You can see for yourself by visiting their website.
Being selected is a tremendous honor for us. The whole notion of being chosen is quite humbling because the pool of available candidates included many stellar organizations.

The selection committee felt we represent the intersection between our work and our faith in a way that is consistent with one of the museums themes, Impact of the Bible in the World. Truth be told, I can think of many other organizations that should be presented before Shelter the World.

Since the museum is not expected to open until 2017, there will be a period where there is not much to share on this matter, but I wanted to let you all know where we were today.

Thank you for supporting Shelter the World,

Museum of the Bible
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