This is MY House images and postcards

Select an image that depicts the living conditions of global houselessness and freely share your thoughts with your family and friends.  This is a free service provided by Shelter The World.  It is our hope that you will share these images of extreme poverty as a way to show your concern.  We know we can not make extreme poverty go away.  But we DO know we can improve the lives of some families and children in our lifetime.

This is my House images and postcards showing living conditions in across the world.

Feel free to email these cards to your family and friends as a way to raise awareness of the living conditions of nearly 1/3 of humanity. Extreme poverty is very painful and it is almost impossible to break it’s vice like grip unless given assistance by people willing to make a difference. We can always argue that the condition is somebody else’s fault, the government leaders, greed, war, natural events…and this is true. And although “others” may not choose to get involved, we’re thankful you are and know there are crown of glory waiting for you!