What is a disaster?

The question, What is a Disaster, is often times thought of as an event or events that occur suddenly and have great impact.

What is a Disaster? Poverty

But what if a disaster were indeed slow with a pervasive quality about it? What if it’s growth was unseen from day to day yet the disaster was growing larger and larger? This is what poverty is.  It may well turn out to be the greatest disaster of all time because it is largely silent and unseen by those who can make a difference.

What is a Disaster?  How about 1.5 billion people living exposed to the elements and unable to seek shelter.  How about billions of people living day to day in deplorable conditions.  Unlike the developed world, much of the rest of the world is unable to cope with simple everyday stresses like heating a home, protecting children, seeking safety…in the home.  .

What is a Disaster?  Women and children scavenging for firewood to heat their home and cook.   Like Honduran Child
collecting water, women and children will walk for miles to collect the fire wood needed for daily cooking and heating.  Like water, fire wood is heavy and it is hard work to bring back to the home more than a days worth.

What is a Disaster?  Living in filth.  Not by choice but because there is no way to clean the floor, it is dirt.  There is no way to clean the walls, they are mud and twigs.  There is no way to keep anything clean.  You can imagine the impact this has on health and well being.

What is a Disaster?  Knowing there is not enough money to pay for a doctor, send children to school, by a car, buy curtains, buy electricity, buy food.  Knowing there are several billion people living on this planet who earn less than 1 or 2 dollars a day.  Most are women and children.

What is a Disaster?  knowing this and not being sure how to help.   Fortunately, Shelter The World is working to change these things.  We go where most never think about going.  We will go to the dump and to the slum, we will assist those who need shelter and a better way of live by providing the tools and training to make a change in their lives for generations.


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