Blogging Instructions and Rules

Blogging on Shelter The World has one very distinct purpose.  It provides an opportunity to share important information about the cause of those living in extreme poverty. The ability to share in-depth information about people’s living conditions and, poverty in general. serves to raise awareness with people who may never have encountered extreme poverty in any other way.

We believe that visitors to Shelter the World want to know how severe the situation is and how, through simple acts (like blogging, liking, and tweeting) can be effective tools in pushing back the boundary of poverty.

Also, blogging can encourage visitors to collaborate, communicate, and support a great cause.

Remember this, the blog is just one of many ways to interact with visitors and we will be working to expand the tools necessary to build a super community of committed and concerned supporters so that we can continue to attract more people and be even more effective.

we are glad you are here,



Rule #1  –  All Posts are to be FAMILY Friendly.  Content should be clean, nonoffending, and safe for anyone to read.

Rule #2  –  All posts are moderated for appropriateness.

Rule #3  –  Acceptance is based solely on the discretion of Shelter The World (Rich and Suzan).

Rule #4 – Not only will inappropriate content be banned but the privilege of posting articles will be immediately and forever revoked from the offender.


Creating Blog Articles

Creating a blog article is pretty straight forward.  Just remember all fields must be filled in for the blog to be accepted by the system.  If anything is missing the system will reject the submission. Please adhere to the image size restriction.  This is put in place to give uniformity to the posts and to keep the system resources manageable.

#1  – The Post title must be unique and the system will check for that.  If there is already a title like the one you are entering the site will reject it and you will need to input a new one.

#2  –  Fill in tags that generally describe your post.  separate tags with a comma.  No more than 5 tags will be permitted.

#3  –  Select a  Post Category. We will review it for appropriateness when the article is reviewed.

#4  –  The tool bar commands from left to right:  B = Bold | I = italic | U = underline | abc = strike through | quote | bullets | number order | Justify Left| Justify Center | Justify Right | Undo | Redo | Link | Unlink | Full Screen.

(A note on links – Links in this area will be no-follow links so do not spam an article full of links.)

#5  –  This is the text entry area

#6  – Image Files – Choose ONEor TWO (maximum) image file(s).  Submissions must have at least one image.

#7  –  Submit the post for review.