Inadequate Housing: It is pervasive and overwhelming

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How overwhelming? Try 1.5 BILLION people big and the need just keeps getting larger all the time.

As a matter of fact, the world needs to build a city for 5 million people every week. This includes building; schools, clinics, places of worship, business centers…

Shelter The World is responding to the challenge of helping people build out of poverty.

As a Housing Ministry, we believe it is essential that our efforts impact people’s lives longer than just the here and now. We are not naive; we understand this problem is too large for one organization to handle, but we are giving it our all.

We also know that some things will always hurt people living in poverty; of which we can do nothing. But we shall persevere and carry on as if someone’s life depended on it. Hmmm, someone’s life?

Pervasive poverty build skillsDid you know when a disaster occurs, families living in poverty have almost NO ability to recover.

That is unless they get the skills that translate into an income.

By us teaching the skills necessary to build better homes, we are helping the poor in unimaginable ways. Ways that no disaster relief effort is ever going to give them.

Here is something I think should be said and not be taken lightly: When we are actively serving poor people by teaching the skills to build, they are also getting the skills needed to provide for their basic needs. These skills develop into self-reliance and lasting change.

This changes everything for families, sometimes for generations.

This approach to fighting poverty will have a direct effect on the efforts to reduce world hunger, curb child marriage, empower women, reduce sickness, educate children and more.

Join us at Shelter The World and take part in changing lives!

We have easy virtual volunteer opportunities available that make it easy to make an impact without even realizing it.

If you are in real estate or construction, I would like to talk with you about programs that you may be able to choose to participate in to help further the cause to Shelter The World.

Thank for reading….Join Us Today!

Rich Grabowski

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