Hope For The Hungry – Haiti

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Hope for the Hungry – Haiti

We have been looking forward to this day ever since we first learned about the devastating earthquake in Haiti last January which left over 250,000 people dead and displaced another 1.2 million.

After visiting Haiti last June we knew our housing solution could play a key role in rebuilding this country. Reports today tell us that 85% of the people are still living in tents in refugee camps. Rebuilding Haiti will take decades. Today we are pleased to announce that Hope for the Hungry will be utilizing our technology as part of Hope’s Fresh Start Haiti program. Fresh Start Haiti is more than just building new homes, it’s about creating jobs and breaking the cycle of poverty. IADDIC’s DuraMold will be at the center of a construction job training program that can lift hundreds out of poverty into a secure and sustainable living environment. The teach-to-fish approach to reconstruction is what the Shelter the World principles were developed for and we are honored to partner with the Hope for the Hungry organization.

Hope for the Hungry - Haiti Based in Belton, TX, Hope for the Hungry is a non-profit NGO that operates in 16 countries with a heavy concentration in Haiti. 85% of their 100+ structures were damaged in the 2010 earthquake and need replacement. IADDIC has been selected as the housing technology to replace most of these homes. Hope also plans to establish a new construction company based on the IADDIC system to create jobs and meet the needs of the 1.5 million homes of Haiti. Hope will likely become IADDIC’s primary local resource for coordinating projects throughout Haiti as they have over 30 years experience and influence throughout the country. This first shipment comes after an extensive pilot program that was conducted at their Belton home office. They have purchased a DuraMold and materials to build the iHouse communities in Haiti. IADDIC will be sending a team to Haiti to oversee the training program once the container has been received through customs. This shipment takes place in less than 2 weeks. www.hopeforthehungry.org

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