The housing problem

has reached a critical level.  1.5 Billion people live in inadequate shelter or housing.  Help us help a family out of poverty.

Inadequate Housing: It is pervasive and overwhelming

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How overwhelming? Try 1.5 BILLION people big and the need just keeps getting larger all the time.

As a matter of fact, the world needs to build a city for 5 million people every week. This includes building; schools, clinics, places of worship, business centers…

Shelter The World is responding to the challenge of helping people build out of poverty.

As a Housing Ministry, we believe it is essential that our efforts impact people’s lives longer than just the here and now. We ...


Poverty in Hungary – An Impossible Life

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Poverty in Hungary ~ This is MY House | Hungary

This is MY House is an initiative of Shelter The World that presents the voices of people living in poverty.  It’s purpose is to raise awareness about how people live across the globe.  We welcome your contribution and discussion and have provided links at the end of this article where you can comment or submit your own article.

A personal ...


Race to Rebuild Homes After Violence Destroyed Communities

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Thousands of residents displaced by inter-communal violence a year ago in this central town in Myanmar are being allowed to rebuild their homes.  

MEIKTILA, 20 March 2014 (IRIN) –
“We want to finish them as soon as possible,” Phoe Ti, a 35-year-old Muslim bricklayer whose home was burnt to the ground in the violence, told IRIN. New brick homes are under construction nearby in the Chan Aye quarter of Meiktila where Buddhists and Muslims once lived peacefully side by ...
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